bottle cap assembly and printing solution
We are science and technology service-oriented enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. It focuses on non-standard automation equipment for bottle cap assembly and printing.
Our technical sales and engineers are not only in the office, but also in the factory. We have experience working with many large companies around the world to understand customer needs and product requirements.

Suction nozzle assembly

Automatic assemble for self standing bag suction nozzle

Ampoule bottle printing

Ampoule bottle, glass bottle printing for charactors and images

Baijiu cap assembly

Customized assembly solution

Tetra Pak cover assembly

Patent technology for milk industry

QR code printing

Automatic checking and printing for bottle caps.

Multiple Color Silk Printing

One color one module, flexiable configuration.

Cap Top Stamping

Unique stamping technology.

Cap Side&top Stamping

Customized solution.

  • 15 years experience

    Bottle cap assembly+printing

    We manufacture a wide range of bottle cap assembly and bottle printing machines including Automatic Screen Printing Machine,Pad Printing Machine,Hot Stamping Machine,Labeling Machine,Heat Transfer Machine,UV Curing Machine,Automatic Labeling Machine,Flat Screen Printing Machine,Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine,Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine ,Automatic Pad Printing Machine and its other relevant peripheral equipments.

  • One-Stop Solution

    Standard Product+OEM Product Development

    We manufacture a wide range of machine related with bottle treatment. We have standard machine but also provide customization solution.

  • 50 Countries

    Exported to all of the world

    Our machine has been widely used not only in domestic factories, but also overseas market.

  • ISO9001-2015

    Manufacturing to the high quality standard

    Better quality, stable performance.

  • Professional team

    Technical Sales+Engineer Support

    15years experiences. Employee improve with company and grou up together.

How to Make Thermal Transfer for Glass Materials?

1) Glass into the transfer station, proper temperature treatment will significantly improve the adhesion of glass;

2) Using special specifically used for the glass surface heat transfer decal;

3) Glass surface coating without treatment.

4) With Flat Heat Transfer Machine.

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  • The difference between the solvent&ordinary& ink and UV ink?


    In short, the biggest difference between the two inks is in the way of drying and printing. After printing, ordinary ink will spray a layer of powder on the paper, so that there is a diaphragm in the middle when the paper overlaps with the paper, so as to prevent the ink from sticking and make the ink dry faster. It takes a certain amount of time for ordinary ink to dry after printing. If not sprayed with this layer of powder, the ink on the paper will easily stick together, resulting in the destruction of the entire print.

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  • The Advantage Of Hydraulic Pressure Hot Foil Stamping Machine?


    Packaging industry, Die cutting, Embossing, high precision stamping, Decorative painting wood products branded paste painting process requires a lot of pressure. Usually the pressure of the pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine is difficult to more than 15 tons, more than 15 tons stamping pressure hydraulic drive could be considered. Pneumatic bronzing machine to pass the gas pressure as a medium, there are a lot of uncertainty, because there is more room for the gas molecules, can easily be compressed, so the pressure delivered to the product surface, there would be a process of change. The distance between the liquid molecules is much smaller than gas molecules, once the pressure delivered to the product surface, the pressure will remain for a long time stability. Hydraulic drive, the machine itself to be equipped with a complete hydraulic system, compared to the pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine, the structure is more complex, some of which will be expensive.

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  • What is Hot Foil Lettering?


    Foil Lettering is just like traditional foil stamping, but it's done one letter a time. With traditional foil stamping, the die is typically quite large - perhaps several inches wide. Flesher Foil Lettering machines on the other hand use a print-wheel with as many as several hundred smaller dies - one for each letter or glyph to be stamped. A typical print-wheel is very similar to a daisy wheel, or a ball head used on an old IBM Selectric typewriter, except much larger. And on a Flesher print-wheel, each individual die can be replaced, making each each print-wheel highly configurable.

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  • How To Make a Steel Pad Plate (cliche) For Pad Printing?


    There are three kinds of pad plate: thick steel plate, thin steel plate, nylon resin plate. Making the pad plate is the first step to begin pad printing technology.1. Output Film 2.coating Emulsion 3.Drying 4. Exposure 5. Developing 6.Etching by Hand 7.Etching by a Machine 8.Blowing and Drying 9.Measure Depth 10.Package

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